Open Studio Art Camp: Group Exhibition

The MacLaren Art Centre is pleased to present an exhibition highlighting artwork created during the Open Studio Art Camp.

Open Studio was a summer camp run by the MacLaren Art Centre and lead by Vivian Heliotis. The participants explored a variety of media over the course of the week, learning new techniques and approaches to creating art.

Vivian shared her thoughts on the camp;

“Open Studio camp was a great time to share my love for contemporary art with this group of art makers. I enjoyed sharing my artwork and experiences to help inspire them with their own art and ideas. Together we learned different techniques in a variety of art mediums. I really enjoyed working and helping them develop their artwork. I had a fun week with the group and loved watching them come up with concepts for all of the work that is included in their online exhibition. They did such a great job applying the techniques learned to their own projects and should be proud of themselves. I want to thank them all for making my week brighter with all their awesome artwork and positive attitudes. They all know how to approach art with an open mind, and I look forward to seeing what they create in the future.”

The MacLaren wants to thank the participants and their families for engaging with art and participating in this exhibition.

Artist Bios


My name is Abigail. I am a participant of the MacLaren Art Centre. I came here so I could experience more art I never knew about. My main focus was on my little sister Olivia who passed when she was six weeks old. Her favourite stuffy was a panda so I focused on that too. My fav thing I made was my panda painting with the sunglasses! The reason why its my fav is because my sister was very chill and in the pic the panda was chill too. I think a panda represents my sister a lot! Strong, peaceful, beautiful and very chill.


Hi, my name is AJ and I love art. Art means a lot to me because when I am either painting, drawing or any type of art I feel like there are no rules! And it feels like the brush is just doing the art and I can just express my feelings. My subject is nature. I love to paint nature because I find it very calming. Nature is fun to paint because there are a whole bunch of different things you can paint like animals, trees and plants and so much more!


My name is Allegra, I am 10 years old and like to draw animals and mythical creatures like dragons and elves.  I also enjoy drawing people, mainly I trace pictures on my dad’s IPad. This camp was really fun, my favourite activity was painting.



My name is Courtney, I really like using my art to express myself and my thoughts. My art tends to be mostly dark with pops of colour. This week I went to the Maclaren Art Center camp to try and learn different techniques to expand my skill set. I really enjoyed learning new things and techniques that will help me make more pieces!

My art style, like I said before, tends to be a dark backdrop with pops of bright colours. The brush strokes are usually fairly big but sometimes I like to do detailed pieces. My inspiration this week was things that make me, me so I incorporated many things that have helped make me who I am. Overall I am super happy I did this camp, as it helped me grow my art style and figure out what style I like most.


My name is Madison, and I joined the MacLaren Art Center Open Studio Camp because I wanted to improve my skills in art and it sounded very fun when I first heard about it.

I created my art pieces with a variety of different materials including clay, acrylic paints, tape, glue, cut+paste paper, and lots more artist approved supplies. The ideas behind my artwork were my family. My family is awesome and I feel very happy with them. They inspired me to create these pieces, especially with the clay sculptures. My goals for my art pieces were to improve my skills and to explore more art techniques, like making the clay sculpture and using the tape on a painting.

I think I did very well on my art pieces and wouldn’t change them if I could. Joining the Open Studio Camp helped me so I can create even better art pieces later on.


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