Visitor Services

In the interest of safety and security for our staff and visitors, the following practices are observed at the MacLaren Art Centre. Visit the sections below for more information on the Gallery Accessibility and the MacLaren Code of Conduct.


Please ask Gallery staff for help at any time or stop by the Reception Desk as you enter the Gallery. Our Seasonal Brochure can help guide your visit. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact the MacLaren in advance of your visit at (705) 721-9696.

Visitors are asked to refrain from shouting, running and rowdy behaviour. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times in the exhibitions spaces. Profane language is not permitted. During your Gallery visit, please turn your cell phone to vibrate or the silent setting and be respectful of others when using your cell phone.

Food of any type is not permitted in the exhibition spaces. This is to help the Gallery control insects and other pests that pose risks to the artwork on display. No outside food or drink is permitted in the main lobby or outdoor patio.

Pets are not permitted in the Gallery.

Smoking and vaping are not permitted on the premises.

For First Aid or lost and found articles, please ask at the Reception Desk for assistance.

The Gallery strives to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for staff, volunteers and visitors. The use of video surveillance in the Gallery serves the interest of public safety and the protection of property. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

In case of emergency, an audible alarm will sound to notify patrons to evacuate the premises. Please listen to staff instructions as they tell you to move towards the indicated emergency exists. Please refrain from using the elevator in an emergency situation. Emergency exits must only be used in an emergency situation: these doors are alarmed and their use outside of an emergency will trigger the building-wide alarm.

Protecting the Artwork

Touching objects on display is not permitted. Even mild touching, over time, will cause damage to artworks. There may be some exceptions to this rule and those objects will be clearly marked as being touchable. Special exhibitions may have additional restrictions. Any additional restrictions will be stated by staff and clearly marked in exhibition spaces.


Photography of the exhibitions for personal use only, with hand-held equipment, may be permitted in special exhibitions. Signs will be conspicuously posted where photography restrictions are in effect. Photography with flash and video recording is not permitted in exhibition spaces. The use of tripods, monopods, etc., is not permitted. Photographing or videotaping staff or visitors without their approval is not permitted. Please be mindful of other visitors when photographing in the Gallery. Photography for private or commercial purposes (wedding, films, photo shoots, etc.) must be booked in advance with the Gallery.


Visitors are welcome to sketch in the exhibition spaces with pencil only. Easels are not permitted. Sketching activities may be restricted on busy days.

Gallery Tours

Free public tours of the current exhibitions with our Gallery Attendants are available on weekends during Gallery hours from 10 am to 4 pm. During the week, staff are available to answers questions regarding the artwork or current or upcoming exhibitions. Gallery tours may be booked in advance for groups of all interests and sizes, including camp, school, special interest and families, and are available year round (except statutory holidays). To book a tour or for more information please contact us at 705-721-9696 or email


The Gallery does not have a coat check, but cupboard are provided for coats in public spaces.

Visitors may each carry one small personal item, such as a purse, into the Gallery. Diaper bags, large bags, backpacks, parcels and other oversized items may be checked free of charge at the Reception Desk. When worn, large bags and backpacks extend your personal space, which can put art objects at risk. A baby change table is available in the main floor washroom.

Full-size umbrellas are not permitted in the Gallery. Collapsible umbrellas are permitted, providing they can be carried in a pocket or small bag.

Electronics, such as laptop computers, can be checked at the Reception Desk. Visitors may be asked to demonstrate that the device is in working order prior to checking it in.

Special exhibitions may have additional restrictions.

Visitors are encouraged not to bring musical instruments to the Gallery. Instruments must be checked at the Reception Desk, subject to space availability.

All bags entering or leaving the Gallery including purses are subject to inspection by Gallery staff.

Please leave your valuables at home. The Gallery does not assume liability for items checked at the front desk.

The following items are not permitted in the Gallery at any time: paints and aerosols, indelible markers, weapons of any type, any item prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada and any item deemed by Gallery staff to be inappropriate.

The Gallery reserves the right to amend the above restrictions without notice.

Tips for Families

The Gallery strives to be a family friendly environment. Activity sheets for children and family didactics are available to assist families with their visits. Parents are advised that some exhibitions may contain mature content. Please contact our staff should you have any questions about our current exhibition content.

Backpack-style child carriers are not permitted in the exhibitions spaces for safety reasons. Please do not carry children on your shoulders as some spaces in the Gallery have low ceilings.

Rental strollers are not available. Strollers may be restricted in the exhibition spaces depending on the display or on very busy days, as they can pose a risk to other visitors and artwork. Wagons and other vehicles that are pushed or pulled are not permitted in the Gallery. They pose a potential elevated risk to objects on display and to other visitors.


Bikes are not permitted within the building. Please check with the Reception Desk for the location of the closest bike rack. Bike locks are not available from the Gallery. Bike helmets, skateboards, skate shoes, roller blades and scooters are not permitted in the building. These items can be checked free of charge at the Reception Desk for the duration of your visit.


The MacLaren Art Centre is committed to excellence in serving all Gallery visitors including people with disabilities. The MacLaren Art Centre provides Accessibility Standard for Visitor Service training to employees, volunteers and others who deal directly with the public, including volunteer Greeters and Gallery Guides. All staff and volunteers are trained and familiar with the assistive devices that may be used by visitors with disabilities while accessing our programmes or services. The present devices at the Gallery include the ramp to the front door, elevator, chair lift to café and automatic door. The Gallery is completely wheelchair accessible. Please see our Accessibility Policy.

The MacLaren recognizes the diversity of our visitors’ abilities and needs, and we offer a variety of programs and services to ensure the accessibility of the Gallery and its programs. Please check our website for current exhibitions, upcoming programs and public notices including service disruptions. The Gallery has developed an Admission Policy for persons with disabilities that enables visitors who use a support person to bring that person with them while accessing our education programs and services and their support person will receive free admission.


The main entrance to the MacLaren Art Centre at 37 Mulcaster Street, on Mulcaster just south of Collier Street. It features automatic doors. A concrete gently-sloped ramp leads to the front door. Groups and school groups should use this entrance.


Street parking is available and includes wheelchair-designated parking spots on Mulcaster Street. The MacLaren does not have designated visitor parking.

Service Animals

We welcome people with disabilities and their registered service animals, such as guide dogs for the visually impaired. The Café can provide water for service animals upon request.

Support Persons

A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to have that person accompany them on our premises or at our functions without additional fees. Gallery staff will communicate this to visitors. Notices will also be posted on our website and at the reception desk.
Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities for visitors with disabilities (i.e. in ability to use the front door ramp, chair lift to café, elevator or automatic door) the MacLaren Art Centre will notify visitors on our website, with signage at front door and the reception desk. Visitors will be given the reason for the disruption, its anticipated length of time and a description of alternative facilities or services available.

Feedback Process

Visitors who wish to provide feedback on the way the MacLaren Art Centre provides programmes and services to people with disabilities can e-mail the Gallery, make verbal suggestions, or write a letter. All feedback will be directed to the Executive Director and then shared with the members of the Joint Health & Safety Committee to review. Visitors can expect to hear back from the Executive Director and/or a Health & Safety Committee representative promptly in order to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Modifications to this or Other Policies

The MacLaren Art Centre is dedicated to reviewing and updating its policies regularly to ensure they continue to promote the dignity and independence of people living with disabilities.

MacLaren Art Centre Code of Conduct

The Maclaren Art Centre’s code of conduct governs the behaviour of all persons in or associated with the Maclaren Art Centre.

Purposes of the Code

  • To ensure that all staff, volunteers and patrons are treated with respect and dignity
  • To maintain a safe and healthy environment, and
  • To encourage the use of non-violent means to resolve conflict.

Standards of Behaviour

All staff, volunteers and patrons must:

  • Respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • Treat one another with dignity and respect at all times
  • Respect the rights of others, regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, gender sexual orientation, age or disability
  • Show proper regard for the Maclaren property and personal property of others
  • Seek assistance from a staff member, if necessary, to resolve conflict peacefully, and
  • Respect the needs of others to work in an environment conducive to learning, creating and working.


Staff, volunteers and patrons must not:

Pose a physical threat, intimidate or cause physical injury to any other person
Pose a threat under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, noxious substance or provide others with any of the substances listed
Engage in behaviour that is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, malicious, degrading or otherwise offensive to an individual, including all forms of harassment, from bullying to hate propaganda and profanity, or
Engage in sexual harassment, i.e. conduct of a sexual nature that is unwanted and likely to cause offence or humiliation to any individual.

Discipline Procedures

Depending on the incident, the process may include:

  • Verbal warning
  • Individual will be asked to leave the class/workshop/premises upon knowledge and proof of breech of conduct codes
  • Removal from the programme/premises permanently

Issues will be dealt with by the Executive Director of the MacLaren Art Centre, a member of the MacLaren Joint Health and Safety Committee and the appropriate department head/supervisor.


By participating in a MacLaren programme, the attendee agrees to comply with the MacLaren Art Centre’s code of conduct. Parents and guardians will explain the code of conduct to children under 18 years of age.