VanGo Program

Now is the Perfect Time to Book Virtual VanGo for your Students!

Students who are regularly engaged in the arts become greater thinkers and learners. MacLaren VanGo programmes offer unique opportunities for students to meet and work with professional visual artists in the classroom. Students participate in meaningful cross-curricular activities that encourage creativity, skills development and visual literacy, nurturing their appreciation of visual art. VanGo artists are highly qualified, experienced art instructors dedicated to inspiring creativity in all children.

VanGo meets the requirements of the Ontario Arts Curriculum and offers links to the Language, Science and Social Studies Curriculum. All programmes include a materials kit and a teacher information package with booking confirmation.

VanGo Goes Virtual!
The MacLaren Art Centre’s Education department is excited to offer Virtual VanGo in light of the current pandemic. Respecting the safety of elementary teachers and their students, a select roster of VanGo programmes will be offered virtually through Google Meet or Zoom direct to the classroom. Choose from a diverse list of studio options. These unique half-day programmes meet Ontario Arts Curriculum standards in dynamic and engaging ways!

How to Book
MacLaren Virtual VanGo programmes can be booked Monday through Friday throughout the academic year. Please call or email Christina Mancuso, Education Officer at 705-720-1044 ext. 234 / The MacLaren Art Centre requires that the VanGo artists work with one class at a time. Consider booking VanGo for a full day, making it possible for the VanGo artists to deliver half-day programmes to different classes in the morning and afternoon. A Google Meet or Zoom link will be provided upon booking.

Note: Programme fees are based on a maximum of 30 students per class and include materials. VanGo materials kits will be prepared and packaged according to safety standards and delivered to the school a week in advance of programme booking.

To find out more, contact Christina Mancuso, Education Officer at 705-720-1044 ext. 234 /