The Gallery Shop

MacLaren Gallery Shop
Nicole Kibath's glassware sparkles from within
Anneke Van Bommel’s sterling silver jewellery is simply irresistible
Hand printed paper vessels and bags by Alexia Bilyk
Tumblers by Artech
Necklace by Genevieve Smolders
Ann Maliatski mugs
Cheeseboard by Bernard Schimmel
Clocks by Damian Nygaard
Jewellery by Isabelle Lamontagne
Mistura Timepieces
Keephouse dish towels
Baskets by Big Village

Longevity isn’t something you normally think about when purchasing a gift. Does it fit my budget? Will they like it? Will they use it? These are typical questions when shopping for someone else. But this spring and summer we’d like you to consider the longevity of the item you are buying – how well is the item made and what is its legacy.

For many people, handmade is synonymous with quality. Artisan crafted objects often feature natural materials, such as clay and wood, they are touched by one set or a limited number of hands during production, and they are often made in small batches or as one-of-a-kinds. All of these factors go in to the quality assurance of handmade gifts.

At the Gallery Shop, we like to think of all of our pieces as story tellers. The story of each object begins before it arrives in our shop; it has been dreamt about, drawn, scrutinized and fussed over. We have the honour of sharing the stories of all of our fabulous artists. And that’s why, with every purchase made here, customers receive an artist information card to pass on to the person who is receiving the item.

Whether it’s a wedding present, hostess gift or any other offering, we invite you to check out all of the wonderful artists represented in the Gallery Shop. You’ll leave with a handmade treasure and a story to tell.