Wile Wild

June 16, 2011 – October 30, 2011

Robert Hengeveld, Wile Wild, 2011, mixed media installation, dimensions variable. Photo: Andre Beneteau

Robert Hengeveld
Wile Wild
June 16 to October 30, 2011
Massie Family Sculpture Courtyard
Reception: Thursday, June 16, 7 to 9 pm

Robert Hengeveld has built his reputation on archly witty installations that readjust the public spaces for which they are designed. For the MacLaren sculpture courtyard, he conceives a tatty, natural history-type display from synthetic elements including artificial Christmas trees, fake rocks and plastic deer. This simulated scenic view, perched upon stilt-like scaffolding, offers variously odd and unnatural outlooks from ground level or the upper-storey windows.

Hengeveld has a MFA from the University of Victoria and diplomas from the Ontario College of Art & Design and Georgian College. He is based in Toronto, where he is represented by Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.