Poetry Imagined: Illustrations and Abstractions

August 14, 2014 – October 26, 2014

Michael Merrill, Untitled, 1994, watercolour on paper.

Festival:  Carnegie Days 2014

Poetry Imagined: Illustrations and Abstractions
August 14 to October 26, 2014
The Carnegie Room

“Poetry looking in the mirror sees art, and art looking in the mirror sings poetry” – Aberjhani

Poetry Imagined: Illustrations and Abstractions presents a selection of diverse works on paper from the MacLaren’s loan collection exploring the similarities between visual art and poetry. Using a combination of quotes and artwork, this exhibition investigates the connections between these two forms of artistic expression. Common ground shared by art and poetry includes structural elements such as line, rhythm, pattern and form. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Carnegie Days, the MacLaren’s annual festival of art and language, which focuses on the theme of poetry this year.

As its title suggests, this exhibition features two forms of visual expression: illustration and abstractions, both of which can have poetic qualities. Illustrations are visualizations or depictions that often accompany text, such as poetry. They are traditionally used to illuminate and interpret a story or piece of informative text, usually printed. Abstraction, on the other hand, is a visual interpretation by an artist that does not attempt to represent reality or concrete objects. It is an expressive visual language that often deals with subject matter not easily put into words. Poetry and visual art, whether illustrative or abstract, provide an outlet for artists and audiences alike that sparks the imagination and inspires an escape from the everyday.

Sarah Hawley, Curatorial Intern

These works are available for rent or purchase through the MacLaren’s Art Rental and Sales Programme. Please contact Renée van der Avoird or Sheila Delaney, at 705-721-9696 or artrental@maclarenart.com.