Playing with Scale: The Diorama in Art

October 1, 2016 – October 9, 2016

Playing with Scale
The Diorama in Art
October 1 to 9, 2016
MacLaren Boardroom and Online

Inspired by The Henri Robideau Gianthropological Resource Centre, this exhibition features artwork created by children and youth in spring and summer programmes at the Gallery. In partnership with SimCoLab, participants created 3D objects representing their take on popular culture based on personal interests and past-times.

These 3D objects were placed inside elaborate mixed-media dioramas, providing imaginative scenes that range from the domestic to the fantastical. Close up photos were taken of these dioramas, to play with the viewer’s sense of scale, making these small scenes look gigantic!

Special thanks to TD Bank for its ongoing support and sponsorship of  MacLaren Youth Programmes.