DaDa Delirium

March 4, 2010 – May 23, 2010
Janet Jones, “DaDa Flow #3”, 2006, oil and acrylic on canvas, 239 cm x 137 cm
Janet Jones
DaDa Delirium
March 4 to May 23, 2010
Janice Laking Gallery
Guest Curator: Stuart Reid
Reception: Thursday, April 8, 7 to 9 pm

In this series of recent paintings, Jones probes our fascination with the future. Her process begins with taking black and white photographs of sterile public spaces, such as the lobbies of multinational corporations and underground passages. Each image is observed, recorded, transmitted, digitalized, and frozen as if projected onto a screen. The absence of brushstrokes contributes to the apparent flatness of these paintings. As psychological impressions of the urban environment, Jones’ imagery represents places that are everyone and nowhere: the hybrid spaces of our globalized environment that collapse the experiential and the technological, near and far, real and virtual. Jones is interested in the sublime, but a new sublime, a techno-sublime. Using light and thin layers of fluorescent colour, she infiltrates these dark, cavernous spaces, turning the ominous into the illuminated while underscoring the ecstatic blur of technology.

Janet Jones has exhibited across Canada as well as in New York, England, Germany, France and China. An Associate Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at York University in Toronto, she has served as Chair of the Department of Visual Arts and Director of the MFA Graduate Program in Visual Arts. Jones received her MFA from York University and her PhD from New York University in the area of art theory and criticism. DaDa Delirium was curated by Stuart Reid for the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound in 2009.