chum mcleod

small world

Curator: Emily McKibbon

Barrie-based artist chum mcleod presents an installation of new dioramas two years in the making, featuring characters in a strange and closed universe.

For the past two years, artist chum mcleod has been creating intricate dioramas featuring hardscrabble bunny characters in a closed and strange universe—a “small world.” Battling floods, visiting a travelling circus, solving arcane domestic mysteries or ice fishing alongside their Skidoos, the bunnies are completely engaged in the dramas in which they find themselves. Tying the works together are recurring images—red-freckled black rocks, black and white striped uniforms, and the upended architecture of a small world gone awry.

chum mcleod lives and works in Barrie, Ontario. For small world, mcleod would like to acknowledge the assistance of Carsten Booth, who assisted with the frame design, and Mike Coughlin and James Booth for the construction of the diorama bases.

Images: Installation views of chum mcleod: small world, MacLaren Art Centre, 2021. Photos: Andre Beneteau


Family Activity

Due to the social distancing measures introduced to combat COVID-19, the MacLaren has created self-guided activities that families can do together at home. Through a variety of exciting games and challenges, this activity sheet is designed to help children and their caregivers have fun while learning about the content and ideas present in the exhibition. Families may also refer to the didactic text as a starting point to interpreting the exhibition.

Please download the PDF below to get started!


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