In partnership with Camp Hill and Empower Simcoe

Art Explorers Online: Group Exhibition

The MacLaren Art Centre is pleased to present an exhibition highlighting artwork created in the spring 2022 session of Art Explorers Online.

Art Explorers is a studio-based art program for adults with exceptionalities from Empower Simcoe.  Throughout the Spring, this committed group of adults have been led by Art Therapist Lisa Nackan, and supported by Tammy Gagne and Paul Windross, through a variety of creative workshops exploring collage, painting, drawing, and sculpture.  This session focused on making art together while reflecting on returning to one another and navigating the world around us.  These vibrant artworks represent each participant’s creative responses and reflect our need to be together and create.  


Artist Statements


My name is Brett and I have a dog at my house called Sadie.  My favourite animal is a giraffe – they are tall like me!  I love the summer because I can go on bike rides.  I also enjoy going on drives.  I listen to all kinds of music, but my favourite is Rock ‘n Roll.  My message to the world is, “be happy!”


My name is Courtney and my funniest memory is when I was playing Donkey Kong with my boyfriend and we kept going off the edge.  I love the summer because it is warmer… and I get to wear awesome clothes!  I love rabbits because they are so cute.  My hobbies are making YouTube videos for my YouTube channel and listening to Shania Twain.  My message to the world would be to be kind to each other.


My name is Jason and my favourite animal is a cat because it reminds me of my special friends at the library, Kim and Elizabeth, who both love cats.  My hobbies are being at Art Explorers and it makes me overwhelmed…  I always get help.  I also enjoy singing in front of people.  My best band is Duran Duran and my favourite song of there is Wild Boy.  It’s a freaky song!  I love Christmas, it is exciting to get present, be with family and friends, and watch snow come down.  My message to the world would be to be happy, and my wish is for there to be peace on earth.


Jason’s favourite animal is a dog, although he enjoys drawing cats.  He is also a very good singer and dancer.  His special memory was the gift from his friends at the library.  It would so special that it made his mom, sister, and himself cry.  Jason’s wish is that his father would pick him up to see his family.  He loves Hawaiian pizza but doesn’t like carrots because they give him sore teeth.

Jeff G.

My name is Jeff G. and my hobby is that I am a licenced ham radio operator, or CB radio operator.  I also like to listen to Dire Straits.  Because my favourite animal is a dog, and my dog is my buddy, my favourite thing to do is go to the dog park.  I also love the summer because it is tornado season!  If I could give a message to the world, I would say, “Doug Ford – you suck!”

Jeff J.

My name is Jeff J. and I love going to see my dad.  I enjoy sports – especially the Jays!  My favourite season is the spring when flowers grow.  I like dogs because you can pet them and my best song is I want to hold your hand, by the Beatles.  If I could give a message to the world, it would be to get rid of Putin.


My name is Grace, and my favourite memory is when I went to Italy, Spain, and England to visit family.  I have two cats, Alley Cat and Lucy.  I love the Spring and the Summer because I like the temperature outside.  My hobbies are drawing, playing video games, collecting figure and toys, and listening to all different music.  I enjoy soundtracks from movies and Imagine Dragon.  My message to the world would be, “stop pollution!”


My name is Sean, and my favourite season is the Summer, because it is warm.  I enjoy watching Batman at the movie theatre and listening to the Beatles.  I also love watching birds and like cats because they are fuzzy and cute.  My message to the world would be for everyone to be happy and awesome!


My name is Steven, and my hobbies are doing crafts, listening to country music, and going on the swing.  Winter is my favourite season, because of the snow.  I love cats – they are so cute.  If I had a wish, it would be that everyone was nice to each other.


My name is Tyler and I love the summer because I can feel the grass under my feet, and I can go swimming.  My hobby is reading books and listening to 50’s songs.  I love dogs because you can pet them.  If I had a wish, it would be that everyone could be like Superman!


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