In partnership with Camp Hill and Empower Simcoe

Art Explorers Online: Group Exhibition

The MacLaren Art Centre is pleased to present an exhibition highlighting artwork created in the spring session of Art Explorers Online.

Art Explorers Online is a studio-based art programme for adults with exceptionalities from Camp Hill and Empower Simcoe. Through a series of twelve virtual workshops, adult participants created art online—in a fun and exploratory environment—fostering creativity, problem-solving, risk-taking and self-confidence. Led by regional artist and Art Therapist Lisa Nackan, participants tried their hand at a variety of materials, techniques and studio approaches—with surprising results!


This spring, Lisa Nackan led participants in workshops exploring collage, portraits, painting, drawing, and sculpture, with a focus on making art together, but virtually—reflecting on these extraordinary times we find ourselves in. These vibrant artworks represent each participant’s creative response to mood, music and the world around them. The results of these workshops also reflect that our need to be together and create, can also transcend physical boundaries and still happen with as much enthusiasm and inspiration as if we were in the same space.


The MacLaren Art Centre would like to extend thanks to the Harry E. Foster Foundation and the May Court Club of Barrie for their generous support of this programme.


Artio Bios


Anthony loves hanging out with his family, and his nieces, Sophie, and Madeline.  His favourite memories are of the cottage, and of his dog Buckley, a golden retriever who passed away.  Anthony’s favourite animal is an elephant, and he often draws them.  Hi loves all food, especially nachos, and most people don’t know that his wish is to be a Hollywood actor!


Corey’s big passion is farming.  He loves to draw and create artwork related to farming.  He draws and uses collage and makes pictures of farms and tractors and crops etc. His favourite animals are reptiles, especially snakes and he has seen many around this year.  His favourite food is steak, but he doesn’t like pasta at all because spaghetti feels sickening to him.  Corey wishes that his seizures would go away and that he won’t have them anymore.


David is quite a daredevil and has done exciting things, such as going on a helicopter, riding on a hummer, participating in downhill skiing and turning his kayak upside down.  He loves reptiles and his most special memory was going to the Easter Seals camp in Niagara.  He enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to leave.  David’s wish is to go back East to see his family.



Jason’s favourite animal is a dog, although he enjoys drawing cats.  He is also a very good singer and dancer.  His special memory was the gift from his friends at the library.  It would so special that it made his mom, sister, and himself cry.  Jason’s wish is that his father would pick him up to see his family.  He loves Hawaiian pizza but doesn’t like carrots because they give him sore teeth.


Jennifer loves running and her favourite memory is the race at Disney World.  Her favourite animal is a tiger.  Jennifer loves regular pizza but doesn’t eat carrots.  Her wish is to go on a cruise on the Disney Ship.


Jessica’s favourite things are snow tubing and hot chocolate, and her wish would be to have hot chocolate all winter.  Her best memories are of swimming and diving and most people don’t know that her favourite animal is a pig.  Jessica loves Sheppard’s pie with ketchup and salad but won’t eat spinach.


Richard has an interesting personality, and he loves to talk a lot like his mom.  He has many hobbies, such as scrapbooking, Art with Lisa, and music.  His favourite food is a grilled cheese with onion rings.  He also loves home fries, bacon, and toast with cheese, but he doesn’t like tomato.  Richard has many wishes.  He would like to be an actor on Friends. He would love to go back to camp and help take pictures of the day trips, and help Dan working and planning to make a movie.



Robert loves living.  He loves to see people smile and dance and he has a wonderful way of snapping his fingers to show that things are going great.  He loves dogs and cats, and his favourite memories are of playing lacrosse before his accident.  He enjoys most food but will not eat liver.  Robert’s wish is to live a happy life.


Sarah likes to write letters, draw pictures, make art, bake and sing.  Her favourite animal is the water dragon, and she loves dogs.  Sarah’s favourite food is Hawaiian pizza with pepperoni and wings.  She also enjoys cauliflower, corn and perogies, but she doesn’t like rice and spaghetti.  Sarah wishes she could go back to work and see all her work friends, and have a birthday party again some day!


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