In partnership with Camp Hill and Empower Simcoe

Art Explorers Online: Group Exhibition

The MacLaren Art Centre is pleased to present an exhibition highlighting artwork created in the fall session of Art Explorers Online.

Art Explorers Online is a studio-based art programme for adults with exceptionalities from Camp Hill and Empower Simcoe. Through a series of twelve virtual workshops, adult participants created art online—in a fun and exploratory environment—fostering creativity, problem-solving, risk-taking and self-confidence. Led by regional artist and Art Therapist Lisa Nackan, participants tried their hand at a variety of materials, techniques and studio approaches—with surprising results!

This fall, Lisa Nackan led participants in workshops exploring collage, portraits, painting, drawing, masks and sculpture, with a focus on making art together, but virtually—reflecting on these extraordinary times we find ourselves in. These vibrant artworks represent each participant’s creative response to mood, music and the world around them. The results of these workshops also reflect that our need to be together and create, can also transcend physical boundaries and still happen with as much enthusiasm and inspiration as if we were in the same space.

The MacLaren Art Centre would like to extend thanks to the Harry E. Foster Foundation and the May Court Club of Barrie for their generous support of this programme.


Artio Bios


Jason is sometimes known as Hip Hop Man. He loves doing Art Explorers and his favourite food is TV dinner—but he doesn’t like potato. Jason hates having to go to the dentist and feels really sad when he can’t work at the library. The library makes Jason really happy as he has been working there for 22 years and his friends there always greet him with a smile.


Jamie, otherwise known as Sweetie or Rockstar, loves basketball and going to Raptor games. His favourite foods are Sheppard’s pie and hamburgers and he doesn’t like tomato. He doesn’t like shoveling and feels really sad when family members die. Jamie’s happiest activity is knowing that he’ll be going on a road trip.

Chris I.

Chris is sometimes called Buddy and loves basketball and eating sushi, but karate is his favourite and makes him most happy.  He doesn’t like fresh cherries—because of the seeds. Chris doesn’t like doing any type of housework and he hates shoveling!  Chris was really sad when Grandpa Bob died. 


Eric loves watching TV, especially the Simpsons. His favourite food is steak—but not eating veggies. What makes Eric most happy is when he gets to see his mom.


Jennifer is sometimes called Lucy. She loves swimming and eating pizza. She likes everything, except stewing beef. She was so sad when her dad Jim passed away. Her niece and nephew make her most happy.


Jamie is also sometimes called James and he loves TV, fishing and tacos.  Jamie doesn’t like salads at all—nor does he like thunderstorms. Jamie feels really sad when someone dies. Receiving gifts is something that always makes him happy!

Tanya J.

Tanya is sometimes called Pumpkin. She loves spending time with her boyfriend, eating Swiss Chalet and she doesn’t eat mustard and jam. Sarah hates thunderstorms and when she and her brother Jason argue too much, she feels sad. Her mom and dad make her feel really happy.

Jason J.

Jason is sometimes called Stinker and Jay Jay. He loves shoveling the driveway and eating pasta, but he really doesn’t like mushy bread—or being asked to clean toilets. Jason feels sad when his mom argues and is sad the tree is not up yet for Christmas. Jason loves his mom and she makes him most happy.

Chris J.

Chris is sometimes called Hammy Jones and he loves pizza and listening to music. Chris really doesn’t like having to eat green beans!  What makes him sad, are when his cat, Buddy, died—and when he was jumping over rocks and fell down, breaking bones. Chris’s mom makes him very happy.


Kristina is sometimes called Wolf. She loves to play tennis and play on her Wii. Her favourite foods are hot dogs and macaroni cheese and she hates olives and brussel sprouts. Kristina doesn’t like going in the snow and doesn’t like big storms. Nothing really makes her sad, but going to see Lisa Wright makes here most happy.


Cory lives and works on a farm, which he loves. His favourite sports are ice hockey and ball hockey, and his best meal would include hotdogs. Don’t offer him lasagna though!  He doesn’t like going out in the snow right now and finds the virus scary. Being safe, doing farm tours and operating the farm equipment makes him especially happy.


Sara is sometimes called Pumpkin or Hunnybun.  Sara loves to paint, draw, colour, do jumbo word searches and bake with her sister on weekends, when they make cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and Rice Krispy squares.  Her favourite food is pumpkin pie, turkey with stuffing, and Swiss Chalet chicken—but she hates rice. Sara doesn’t like when her parents leave her at home by herself when they go to work and she doesn’t like not seeing her hockey friends. Sara was really sad when her dog died, but feels really happy because she is going to have Christmas with family and see her sister and her boyfriend and brother.


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