Mix & Match Puppets with Midori Fullerton

Mix & Match Puppets with Midori Fullerton
Duration of instructional video: 8.5 mins
Estimated time to complete activity: 1 hr
Ideal for children ages 6 to 9

Inspired by imaginary and real animals, participants can combine drawn images and magazine clippings to make a unique cast of puppet creatures. With the added ability to take them apart, you can mix and match their individual features, creating new and unusual characters every time!  Some adult assistance required.

Art materials for 3 children provided, available via curbside pickup at 37 Mulcaster Street, Barrie.

Materials provided by the MacLaren Art Centre:

  • Several magazine clippings
  • 6 wooden BBQ skewers
  • Split pins
  • Tape
  • 1 Glue stick
  • Colourful cardstock
  • White cardstock for drawing on
  • Pencil crayons and markers

Materials you will need from home:

  • Scissors

*A limited number of downloads are available. You will receive a telephone confirmation when your art materials kit it ready for curbside pickup. Please wait for Gallery staff to contact you before arriving at the MacLaren to pick up your art materials kit.

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