Mosaic of Black Culture


Saturday, February 25
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Join us for an engaging presentation on Canadian Black history, Afro-Canadian Caribbean culture and diversity changes happening in Simcoe County. A steel pan performance will follow, with an opportunity for young audiences to try the steel pan for themselves, as well as make a working version in a fun hands-on workshop. This event is meant to give background on the beginnings of Caribbean culture to Ontario, provide a sense of the struggles and show how we can all be allies in welcoming diverse cultures in our communities. Organized by Making Change.

D’Jango Pan Fyah is a two-time Caribbean Music and Entertainment Award winner. Roy (D’Jango) McRae was born in Guyana into a musical family. His father is a percussion player, his mother a gospel singer, his billings and cousin are musician and lastly, his uncles are all steel pan artists, players, makers, tuners and arrangers. Having been surround by musical inspirations, it’s no surprise that the tender age of five, D’Jango started to play the Tenor Pan in one of Guyana’s most popular band Guynec Superstars, headed by his uncle Washi, for eight years.

D’Jango pursued his passion for music and studied at the University of Guyana. His big break came when he represented Guyana as the soloist for the World Steel Pan Individual Solo Festival held in Trinidad and Tabago.

In 1998, D’Jango migrated to Canada and form the band, Xplosion in 2001, who won a Canadian Reggae Award for best Reggae band in 2002. In 2007, he parted ways to focus on the demand for his solo career. Having recorded two steel pan albums and is currently working on his original reggae album with influences from different genres of music. D’Jango is know as one of Canada’s most versatile musician and. “the baddest steel pan artist eva!”-Blizz

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