An Interplay of Art and Identity


Thursday, March 23 / 12:00 – 1:00 pm

In conjunction with her solo exhibition at the MacLaren, Angela Aujla will discuss how her personal history as a diasporic South Asian Canadian woman influences her artistic practice, and how it has engendered the archival impulse with which she engages with historical ephemera, material culture, drawing and photography.

Angela Aujla is a South Asian Canadian visual artist. Her mixed-media, narrative artwork explores the complexity and interplay of history, memory, culture, and identity with a focus on diasporic and material culture. Angela’s artistic practice is influenced by her academic study of visual culture, anthropology, and feminist postcolonial theory. She finds a natural confluence between her academic and artistic practice as she engages with archival ephemera, photography, drawing, and collage in ways that disrupt colonial narratives and animate stories left on the margins of Eurocentric, patriarchal history.

Sorry, this event has passed.