A Place to Call Home: Collective Belonging and Reimagining Success

Date: Wednesday, November 22
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 pm
Location: Rotary Education Centre
Cost: FREE! Registration required

In acknowledgment of National Housing Day, join Redwood Park Communities for an interactive talk that delves into the fascinating topic of collective belonging as it intersects with the dilemma of home ownership as a measure of success—at a time when homeownership is out of reach for so many.

Redwood Park Communities will examine innovative approaches to housing that foster inclusivity, address diverse needs, and create environments where individuals and communities thrive. The talk will explore how the concept of home extends beyond physical space, encompassing emotional and social connections that are integral to our well-being, and enable communities to drive transformative social change.

Redwood Park Communities is a Simcoe County-based charity founded in 2009 to create safe, affordable, hopeful housing where people thrive in community. Redwood is moving beyond social service to create social change, strengthening, and transforming communities by building homes where people can connect, create, and contribute.


Sorry, this event has passed.


Ricardo Tranjan

Ricardo Tranjan is a political economist and senior researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Previously, Tranjan managed Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and taught at universities in Ontario and Quebec. His early academic work focused on economic development and participatory democracy in Brazil, his native country. His current research is on political economy of social policy in Canada. Ricardo holds a PHD from the University of Waterloo, where he was a Vanier Scholar. A frequent media commentator in English and French, he lives in Ottawa.

Danijela Kosanovic

Danijela Kosanovic was born and raised in Serbia. Married young, Daniejla and her husband, Dragan, had a baby boy and had high hopes of leaving Serbia to give him the best opportunities possible. They relocated to Malta, but soon realized this wasn’t the best fit for them, so they set off on a long and trying journey, which led them to Canada.

With many road bumps along the way and the housing crisis striking hard, they persevered. Nothing has stopped these two from writing their story, one of resilience and overcoming. With determination, they continue to strive to provide. When a door closes, they search for another to open. Although they still question their decision to leave, they continue to look at each day as a new opportunity to work hard and encourage themselves and others to be better, to do better.