Jeff Thomas Photographs

Jeff Thomas - Folded Arms, Memory Junction, Brighton, Ontario - From the series "Indians on Tour", 2005

The MacLarenArtCentre recently acquired 10 photographic works by Canadian artist Jeff Thomas with the support of the Elizabeth L. Gordon Art Programme of the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. Jeff Thomas, Iroquois/Onondaga artist, curator and writer, was born in Buffalo, USA in 1956. Currently residing in Ottawa, Thomas has been working and exhibiting in Canada since the early 1980s. His photographic series explore imagery of First Nations people and symbolism. His interests have included looking at references made to First Nations people in mainstream culture, monuments, and toys. We have acquired examples from three series: Scouting for Indians (1992 - 2007), Indians on Tour (2000 - present) and A Conversation with Edward S. Curtis (2005-present). Jeff Thomas' work clearly demonstrates a sense of humour while also instigating meaningful dialogue. Issues of identity and heritage are explored and relate to other artworks in our permanent collection, such as the Sovfoto archive.

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