Art for Lunch: Meet the Gallery Shop Artisans Christine Pensa and Lisa Brunetta

Artist Christine Pensa
Artist Lisa Brunetta
Rotary Education Centre

Art for Lunch: Meet the Gallery Shop Artists Christine Pensa and Lisa Brunetta
Rotary Education Centre at the MacLaren
Friday, November 27, 12:15 to 1 pm
Admission free

The MacLaren Art Centre is pleased to present a talk by Gallery Shop artists Christine Pensa and Lisa Brunetta. These two artists, distinct in their passion and their art, will share how they have found successful ways to use their craft to create awareness, inspire others and give back to their community. Plus, you will get a sneak peek of the latest from their collections, including some wonderful gift-giving ideas.

Lisa Brunetta is a wire sculptor and eco-artisan who incorporates recycled and recuperated materials in her work as an extension of her personal reduce, reuse, and recycle philosophy. Her primary creations include copper wire sculptures and meticulously-crafted jewellery, housewares and seasonal gifts created from aluminum cans, old books and more. Her work is a form of social commentary that transforms the meaning of trash and assigns value to things that are often discarded.

After a career as a political assistant, Christine Pensa was increasingly drawn to a creative life. Today, her work revolves around the evolution of her spirituality, the practice of yoga, and women and their diverse manifestations of beauty. Pensa is motivated to nurture the creative spirit in others, which is ever-present in the way that she combines inspirational text with magnetic imagery. She finds inspiration in things big and small, which is evident with her “Love the bees” line that generously shares 10% of proceeds with the Sierra Club and related charities.