Art 21: Artists in the 21st Century

Artist Katharina Grosse at work
Rotary Education Centre
Free, no registration required

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
5:30 to 6:15 pm

Join us Wednesday evenings for special screenings of season seven of Art 21: Artists in the 21st Century! For over 6 years, PBS’ Art 21 has provided an innovative and intimate look into the studio, inspiration and lives of contemporary artists.  The MacLaren is proud to be a part of Access 100 Artists, an international screening programme initiated by Art 21. Bring a friend, stop by the Café for a drink and enjoy highlights from this special series.

Join us for a contemporary look at Installation Art with a focus on Katharina Grosse, Wolgang Laib and current exhibitions Walks and Veneers by Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky. These artists explore scale, constructed surfaces, found objects and narrative to ironic and humourous effect.

Katharina Grosse is a painter who often employs electrifying sprayed acrylic colors to create large-scale sculptural environments and smaller wall works. Interested in the shifts of scale between 'imagining big' while being small in relationship to one's surroundings, she explores the dynamic interplay between observing the world and simply being in it. By uniting a fluid perception of landscape with the ordered hierarchy of painting, Grosse treats both architecture and the natural world as an armature for expressive compositions of dreamy abandon, humorous juxtaposition, and futuristic flair. Her projects often suggest complex narratives through the inclusion of everyday objects, psychedelic vistas, and evocative titles.  (Art 21)

Wolfgang Laib was born in 1950 in Metzingen, Germany. Inspired by the teachings of the ancient Taoist philosopher Laozi, by the modern artist Brancusi, and the legacy of formative life experiences with his family in Germany and India, Laib creates sculptures that seem to connect that past and present, the ephemeral and the eternal. Working with perishable organic materials (pollen, milk, wood, and rice) as well as durable ones that include granite, marble, and brass, he grounds his work by his choice of forms—squares, ziggurats, and ships, among others. His painstaking collection of pollen from the wildflowers and bushes that grow in the fields near his home is integral to the process of creating work in which pollen is his medium. This he has done each year over the course of three decades. Laib’s attention to human scale, duration of time, and his choice of materials give his work the power to transport us to expected realms of memory, sensory pleasure, and contemplation....(Art 21)

To view the full Art 21 Season Seven Screening Programme outline, please see the attached document below.