Self Portraits: Social Media Project #MacLarenTextie"

Carnegie Days 2017

self Portraits: Share Your Textie!
Social Media Project

September 28 to October 1, 2017

Share your #MacLarenTextie!  In celebration of Carnegie Days, the MacLaren Art Centre invites you to create a self-portrait in the form of a tweet. Share a story, experience or memory that describes you! Textual self-portraits can also refer to language, heritage, personality…or simply words that are important to you! 

Carnegie Days is an annual festival of art and language that includes exhibitions, public art projects, lectures, readings, screenings, workshops and other public programmes at the Gallery and in the city of Barrie. Coinciding with Culture Days, Carnegie Days 2017 takes place from September 28 to October 1, with free events for visitors of all ages presented by the MacLaren and by our many community partners. This year’s theme is translation: the translation of experience into expression as it shapes our sense of self.

Guidelines: All Self-Portrait tweets should be 140 characters or less, and can be submitted to FacebookTwitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #MacLarenTextie. Submissions should be appropriate for audiences of all ages. *Selected responses will be posted on MacLaren social media pages and at the Gallery during Carnegie Days.

Teachers: This is an excellent warm-up exercise to kick start the school year. Share this with your students and bring your class to the Gallery. Tours are free and Gallery admission is by voluntary donation. Just book in advance with Christina Mancuso, Education Officer, at

The MacLaren Art Centre looks forward to sharing your self-portraits!


#MacLarenTextie Examples:

I am a student, artist, millennial, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and a friend #self-portrait #maclarentextie

This morning I turned on the kettle to make more tea while I finished my first tea #self-portrait #maclarentextie

Lover of history, owner of cats, reader of books, joiner of the Rebel Alliance, explorer of lands, would-be time traveller #MacLarentextie

Adventure seeker, art maker, animal protector #self-portrait #maclarentextie

As long as I'm happy I will be living the life I dream of #self-portrait #maclarentextie

Born in England, raised in Dubai, residing in Canada #self-portrait #maclarentextie


Note: We cannot include texts that violate the Canadian Human Rights Act, are libelous or slanderous, give out personal information, or include profanity.

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