Art for Lunch: Art 21 Screening

Artist Catherine Opie
Rotary Education Centre
Free, no registration required

Art for Lunch
Art 21 Screening:
Catherine Opie and Robert Adams
Rotary Education Centre at the MacLaren
Friday, June 19
12:15 to 1:00 pm

Explore the relationship between memory and photography in the works of Catherine Opie, Robert Adams and Joseph Hartman in his 2010 series Return, following the screening.

Photographer Catherine Opie visits her childhood hometown of Sandusky, Ohio to take a series of photos of Lake Erie during different seasons for a permanent installation at the Cleveland Clinic, and photographs shopkeepers in the Los Angeles neighborhood near her current home.

While living in Colorado Springs, Robert Adams began to capture black and white photographs of a burgeoning suburban strip―highways and tract houses that marred a dramatic landscape―a development that he loathed. Yet when Adams examined the images in his darkroom, he recognized for the first time the beauty within these pictures. “The final strength in really great photographs is that they suggest more than just what they show literally,” says Adams. Working closely with his wife, Adams created “Turning Back” (1999-2003), which illustrates deforestation in the West, a practice that Adams describes as “not just a matter of exhaustion of resources. I do think there is involved an exhaustion of spirit.”

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