Art for Lunch: Art 21 Screening

Artist Thomas Hirschhorn
Rotary Education Centre
Free, no registration required

Art for Lunch
Art 21 Screening:
 Thomas Hirschhorn and Trevor Paglen
Friday, May 1
12:15 to 1:00 pm
The Rotary Education Centre at the MacLaren

Like exhibiting artist Matt Macintosh, Thomas Hirschhorn and Trevor Paglen explore history, everyday images and objects that pose questions around appropriation and perception. A short discussion and tour of Type and Token will follow.

Thomas Hirschhorn originally trained as a graphic designer. In his practice, he shapes public discourse that relates to political discontent, and offers alternative models for thinking and being. Believing that every person has an innate understanding of art, Hirschhorn resists exclusionary and elitist aesthetic criteria—for example, quality—in favor of dynamic principles of energy and coexistence. He creates sprawling installations from mundane materials (packing tape, cardboard, foil) that engage the senses. Using collage as a form of interpretation and critique, Hirschhorn presents intellectual history and philosophical theory much as he does everyday objects and images, and poses questions about aesthetic value, moral responsibility, political agency, consumerism, and media spectacle. (Art 21)

Trevor Paglen trained as a geographer and photographer, makes the invisible visible by documenting the American surveillance state of the 21st century. From his vantage points at various public locations he photographs distant military facilities, capturing extreme telephoto images of stealth drones. Turning his vision to the night sky, he traces the paths of information-gathering satellites. Tracing the ways in which the convergence of aesthetics, industrial design, and politics influence how we see and understand the world, he shows us images of the American West, originally photographed for military use and now considered examples of classic photography. In images that go beyond straightforward journalistic documentation, Paglen gives voice to shifting ideas of the landscape of the American West, humankind’s place in the cosmos, and the surveillance state.... (Art 21)

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