Volunteers at our 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Event

The MacLaren Art Centre has a fantastic group of volunteers who contribute enormously to our success. We have a challenging and exciting programme that keeps our volunteers at the forefront of our work in the community and at the MacLaren Art Centre. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Volunteer at the MacLaren, please contact Peter Bogle, Volunteer Coordinator, 705-720-1044 ext. 277 or peter@maclarenart.com.


Current Volunteers:

Michele Allen, Mary Margaret Allevato, Mark Andersen, Vi Andersen, Ruth Anderson, Anne Armour, Deborah Atkinson, Nancy Bailey, Vivian Barrow,  Rachel Bettencourt, Elaine Bigelow, Ted Bigelow, Marilyn Black, Somer Blight, Evelyn Bolton, Paul Boulding, Carolyn Boyd, Carolyn Boyer, Barb Brown, Reta Brown, Erin Brydson, Jade Burch, Rod Burns, Barb Canning, Nadine Carr, Bonnie Carter, Tori Cartwright, Mary Cellucci, Jeremy Chamilliard, Chris Charlebois, Sam Charlebois, Annie Churchill, Lucas Cimino, Jennie Clark, Laura Coady, Jennifer Copeland, Michael Coughlin, Allan Craig, Laurie Crosson, Dylan Cullen, Erica Curtis, Sharon Dangerfield, James Delaney, Flo Delkus, Kathryn Demarsh, Luci Dilkus, Matej Dimitkovski, Amanda Dinsdale, Cassie Diotte, Lynnette Eisen, Katelyn Espie, Beth Evans, Gary Evans, Kathy Evans-Pearson, Jane Falls, Stephen Farrell, Luc Fortin, Tara Friel, Denise Frimer, Stew Garner, Jessica Gibson, Ann Gilbart, Hilary Goodman, Ingi Gould, Lois Green, Jordan Gregoire, Tim Gronfors, Emily Gwin, Patti Gwin, Pat Hart, Amanda Harwood, Sarah Hawley, Gillian Hayes, Ty Hewer, Adam Hewson, Carolyn Hickey, Susan Hickling, Catherine Holland, Hannah Holland, Janet Goldblatt Holmes, Russell Hope, Mary Howden, Mari Jagt, Camilla Juramek, Glenda Kasza, Sara Kelly, Chelsea Kennedy, Sharon Kitsemetry, Kay Lamoureaux, Danielle Lane, Paul Larche, John Lawler, Anna Lee, Diane Leuty, Chantel Liu, Pam Logan, Mary Losell, Christina Luck,  Laura Ludlow, Courtney MacDonald, Bob Marchessault, Joanna McEwen, Ashley McInnis,  Greg McLaughlin, Hannah McLaughlin, Emily McMillin, Gail McMurray, Charles Meanwell, Samantha Mellick, Anne Menzies, Katie Meyer, Lois Miehm, Peter Miehm, Robin Milani,  Heather Morris, Elaine Morton, Judy Mussio, Vanessa Meyers, Diane Neal, Wayne Neal, Hanne Neilsen, Graydon Oldfield, Jennifer O’Neill, Wilson O'Neill, Serena Parsons, Abi Paszkowski, Marjorie Paterson, Natasha Pearson, Danielle Pitman, Brian Porter, Jill Price, Gail Raikes, Karen Rechnitzer-White, Carolyn Reed, Carson Reeves, Dan Revell, Lorrie Ridley, Barb Robillard, Rebecca Robitaille, Aaron Rumley, Andrea Samuels, Mary Jane Sarjeant, Allison Schreiter, Erica Shupe, Alice Sills, Simcoe Community Services, Judy Smith, Andrew Sparling, Kelly Stacey, Liam Stone, Keith Strachan, Don Stuart, Sally Sullivan, Emily Sutherland, Gail Sweeney, Amy Switzer, Holly Thomas, France Tremblay, Amanda Vecchi, Katherine Ward, Bud Watson, Hannah Williams, Regina Williams, Wendy Wingfelder,  Emma Wixon, Mikayla Zuilan, Andrew Zyp.