Families participating in art workshop at the MacLaren Art Centre

Every year, more than 58,000 people participate in MacLaren programmes, including 20,000+ children and youth. In addition to VanGo, which annually gives Simcoe County school children an opportunity to work with practising regional artists, the Gallery offers art classes for all ages, and tours and talks about its world-class exhibitions. It finds innovative ways to engage young people and it gives families a Sunday afternoon destination for participating in fun, collaborative art projects. As a cultural hub for business members, families, artists and community groups, the MacLaren adds a great deal to the quality of life in Barrie.

But the MacLaren would not be the organization it is without the overwhelming level of community support we receive from our MacLaren Members, Annual Donors, Patron’s Circle members and dozens of local businesses. They are all responsible for our success!

There are many ways for you to get involved as a supporter of the MacLaren: see the menu at the left for more.